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What are the advantages of X-trodes' Smart Skin?

The X-trodes’ Smart Skin offers several advantages, including bringing lab-quality EEG to any location. The patches are user-friendly and quickly set up in minutes by professional and lay users. They are designed for comfort and security, stay in place, conform to the skin, and are disposable (single use) for convenience. Additionally, the signals obtained through Smart Skin are reliable, stable, and capable of recording up to 9 hours in a single session. This enables research to be conducted in natural environments, including outdoors and within the home.

X-trodes’ Smart Skin technology offers an efficient, simple solution for wireless sensor applications. Features include ease of application, no need for gel, saline, or medical adhesive, ultra-thin and soft design for comfort and conformity with the body’s natural curves, high durability and robustness in everyday environments, and the ability to stay in place, and self-adjust during activity.

Updated on 25 Mar 2024

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