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Visualize Cognition in Real Time

Reveal cognition like never before with EMOTIV’s dynamic brain visualization software.

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Brainviz brain activity

Explore Your Cognitive Landscape

BrainViz provides a captivating window into the intricate world of neural activity for research, education, and demonstrations. Connect your EMOTIV EEG headset to BrainViz to witness the mysteries of cognition and explore the brain’s cognitive landscape. 

Brainviz A1 brain activity

Discover Brain Regions

Engage your audience with real-time 3D visualizations of major brain regions.  

  • Learn about the functions associated with each cortical lobe. 
  • Choose from different views of the frontal, parietal, temporal, and occipital lobes.
  • Highlight different regions of the brain for your audience.

Cognition Unveiled

Witness cognition unfolding in real-time. Wow your audience with live 3D brain activity visualizations, unveiled by your EMOTIV’s EEG headset.

  • See color-coded projections of Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma frequency bands. 
  • Adjust frequency band color intensities.  
  • View spatial and temporal properties at the same time. 

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Frequency bands

Customize individual intensity ofTheta (4-7.5),Alpha (8-11.5), Beta (12 – 24.5) and Gamma (25-45) frequency bands to change the display.

Brain areas

Explore different areas of the brain and learn about specific functions of Frontal cortex, Parietal cortex, Temporal cortex, Occipital cortex.

3D Display

Choose between top, side or set your own custom view with adjustable zoom to explore the details of brain activity.

Online/Offline Use

Can be used offline

Requires online sync once per month

Online use required to sync and use profiles in other apps

Supported Headsets

EPOC X, EPOC+ and Insight

Supported Platforms

Windows 8 (64-bit)

Windows 10 (64-bit) v1607+

Mac OSX 10.12 and higher


7 day free trial when you download EMOTIV App.

After the free trial period, BrainViz is available as a one-time purchase with lifetime access.

For non-commercial use only. Contact us for commercial use.

Effortless Connectivity With Your EEG Headset

BrainViz connects effortlessly with INSIGHT, EPOC X, and FLEX.