FLEX 2 Saline - 32 Channel Wireless EEG Head Cap System

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Cap Kit: Pre-Configured
Cap size: 54cm
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Cap Kit: Pre-Configured
Cap size: 54cm
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32-channel Wireless EEG Head Cap System

High-Density Saline EEG, Unlimited Research Flexibility

Unlock the Neural Activity that Drives Human Behavior with EMOTIV’s High-Density Wireless Saline EEG Head Cap System.

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Re-Engineered for Advanced Precision & Usability

FLEX features the latest Bluetooth(R) 5.2 chip and advanced antenna design, transmitting contextual EEG data with greater precision.

256 SPS Per Channel

Higher temporal resolution & enhanced signal fidelity.

Up to 64Hz Motion Sensor Data

Transmit full-resolution motion data. 

16-bit Channel Data

Uncompressed, granular data.

No Slew Rate Limits

Time-locked EEG, ECG, EMG & EOG signals.

Advanced Antenna

Provides a stable connection & extended research capabilities.

Power LED

Easily identify FLEX’s battery life. 

USB-C Charging Port & Power Cable

For faster charging.


Every purchase includes the EMOTIV Pro Lite software.

Investigate all available upgrade possibilities.

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Smart Storage

The included travel case is the smart solution for storing and transporting your FLEX. Made from durable EVA foam, the case provides protection and organization for FLEX and its accessories. A dedicated compartment for your Flex Cap allows airflow keeping it in optimal condition.

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Flex Your Research Capabilities

Unlike traditional EEG head cap systems that keep participants tethered in a lab, Flex’s wireless controller allows you to conduct contextual brain research.

High-Density Brain Monitoring in a Wireless EEG Device

Research-Grade EEG Sensors

32 saline silver-silver chloride sensors.

9-Axis Motion Sensor

Accurately detects head movements.

Connects Seamlessly with PRO

128Hz and 256Hz EEG data transmission in a wireless device.

Optimal Spatial Resolution

Flex Cap’s 74 openings allow you to pinpoint a subject’s brain activity with greater accuracy.

Common-Mode Noise Rejection

Captures high-quality, reproducible data.

Flexible Controller Positioning

Position the FLEX controller at the top or rear of the head for optimal comfort.


EEG sensors

Up to 32 channels: configurable

2 references: CMS/DRL configurable in any 10-20 location or on ears (compatible ear clips for sensors included)

Available data: raw EEG and frequency band data. Requires PRO License for use.


EEG signals

Sampling method: Sequential sampling, dual ADCs

Sampling rate: 2048 Hz internal downsampled to 256SPS.

Motion Resolution: 16 bits 1 LSB = 0.51μV

Bandwidth: 0.16 – 43Hz, digital notch filters at 50Hz and 60Hz

Dynamic range (input referred): 8400 μV(pp)

Coupling mode: AC coupled

No slew rate limits: Time-locked EEG, ECG, EMG & EOG signals

EEG sensors

Electrode count: 32 recording electrodes, 2 reference electrodes

Sensor material: 80 Felts Standard Length, 20 Felts Long Length

Size: 11mm diameter felt pad, 2mm rear refill opening


Motion sensors*

IMU part: ICM-20948

Quaternions: normalized, 4D

Accelerometer: 3-axis +/-8g

Magnetometer: 3-axis +/112 gauss

Transmit full resolution motion data: Up to 64Hz motion sensor data

*Software support for motion data coming soon.


Available sizes: 54 cm, 56 cm, 58 cm

Variety of Flex Cap Sizes: Comfort & conformity for optimal EEG data

Openings: 74 in the standard 10-20 positions

Pockets for control box: At approximately Iz (for awake studies) and Cz (for sleep studies)

Manufacturer: EasyCap



Proprietary USB receiver (included): 2.4GHz band

USB 2.0+ (only available with EMOTIV Extender)

Micro USB-C port & power cable (included): for faster charging

Bluetooth 5.2: Enhanced real-time data transmission



Battery: Internal Lithium Polymer battery 595mAh

Battery life: up to 6 hours

Power LED: Easily identify Flex Controller’s battery life

Notice: Not supported on Ubuntu & Raspberry Pi

A validation of Emotiv EPOC Flex saline for EEG and ERP research

The saline version of the Emotiv EPOC Flex was found to capture data similar to that of a research-grade EEG system, measure reliable auditory and visual research-quality ERPs, and index SSVEP signatures while being sensitive to changes in alpha oscillations.

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Flex travel case illustration

Flex Travel Case

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Flex Headset

Flex control box illustration

Flex Controller

USB-C Charging Cable

Cables – Extension lead

Bluetooth Dongle

USB-A to C adaptor

Two sensors types

Flex Setup guide qr code

Quick Start Guide

50x Pins

1x Tool

2x Wire wrap

80x Felts Standard Length

20x Felts Long Length

34x Sensor Silicon Skirt

*Disclaimer – EMOTIV products are intended to be used for research applications and personal use only. Our products are not sold as Medical Devices as defined in EU directive 93/42/EEC. Our products are not designed or intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment of disease.

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