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EMOTIV’s Mental Commands algorithm recognizes trained thoughts that can be assigned to control virtual and real objects just by thinking. Brain control can replace traditional input devices like keyboards, enhance interactive experiences and provide new ways for the disabled to engage with their surroundings.

There are possibilities for human interaction with machines.EMOTIV’s devices and machine learning algorithms convert brain waves into digital signals that can be used to control anything that speaks in 1’s and 0’s.

With EMOTIV’s Performance Metrics, an individual’s real-time cognitive and emotional state can be used to passively modulate an application. Adapt a VR experience based on a user’s engagement or change the difficulty of an interactive training application based on the focus levels.

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) directly integrates our thoughts and emotions with the technology that we use every day. Whether commanding drones or wheelchairs, creating music or art, or adapting digital experiences to real-time emotions, the interface between the brain and computer has never been easier.

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Maximize Human Brain Research and Experiences with the World’s Most Versatile EEG Headsets

Manage Your EMOTIV EEG Headsets

  • Receive live status updates on your headsets’ battery life. 
  • View your headsets’ contact quality in real time. 
  • Manage your headsets’ connection via Bluetooth or USB receiver dongle. 
  • Rename your headset.
  • View sample rate and motion rate information.
Virtual Brainwear


Virtual Brainwear®

Virtual Brainwear simulates different EMOTIV headset states and data streams, making it easier for you to develop and test your own applications. 

  • View device information.
  • Chose contact quality states. 
  • Choose a simulation source.
  • View different detection, such as performance metrics, mental commands, and facial expressions.

Customer Applications

EMOTIV’s EEG devices are expanding our knowledge of the human brain and human behavior across hundreds of real-world applications

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