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How to select the Flex Cap size?

Specifying the right cap size is critical for ensuring the sensors are in the right place while taking measurements. Our supplier recommends measuring the head diameter in the horizontal circumference.

Once you have the measurement for your test subjects, specify the closest size to the ones available, for example 54.5cm → 54cm, 59cm → 58cm, etc. 

In an example of a person with long/thick hair, when measuring the head circumference you measure over the hair, so it is already accounted for. So again, with a measured circumference of 53 cm (including hair) I’d first choose cap size 54. Only if I then encounter a bad fit, e.g. Pz hovering in thin air, as a second choice I try the next larger size, 56, because it will slip further down the head.

You can refer to this link for how to select the most suitable capsize. If you need larger or smaller sizes, please contact support.

Updated on 26 Apr 2024

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