Empowering Our Community:
Stories of Impact

EMOTIV is dedicated to unlocking the mysteries of the human brain for the benefit of all. We are opening new frontiers in mental health, early disease detection and patient care, mobility and social inclusion, education, and workforce wellness. 


By bringing advanced neurotechnology outside of the laboratory to the general public, EMOTIV has empowered scientists, health practitioners, educators, inventors, social entrepreneurs, and other curious minds across over 100 countries to better understand their brains and to reimagine the possible applications to positively impact their communities.

To support our diverse communities and to further amplify the technology’s positive impact in the world, EMOTIV frequently donates our technology for worthy causes, partners with philanthropic organizations for life-saving research, sponsors and presents at events that promote education and innovation, and provide discounts to students and select human-centric organizations.

“We believe that the future of healthy work, 
rest, and play depends on a deeply humanized approach 
to brain health and technology interaction.”

Tan Le


Here are just a few of our favorite 
EMOTIV community cases.


Changing How the World Sees Disabilities

Rodrigo Hübner Mendes, founder of Instituto Rodrigo Mendes, is dedicated to ensuring that all children with disabilities have access to quality education. EMOTIV partnered with this remarkable advocate to integrate a brain-computer interface into a Formula 1 race car. The one-of-a-kind project showed the world that those with disabilities can achieve great things. 

The result? Mendes, a quadriplegic, became the first person in the world to drive a race car using only his thoughts.

Learn more: EMOTIV x Rodrigo Hubner Mendes - Driving F1 car just by thinking



Rethinking Rehabilitation and Mobility

EMOTIV supports pediatric research programs like BCI 4 Kids and Imagination Centre, which offer brain-computer interfaces (BCI) to children with disabilities. These initiatives offer those with limited or no mobility opportunities to interact with the world around them. They also provide valuable insights into child development and give families hope for their children’s well-being.

Learn more: This BCI Program Connects Children with Disabilities to Their World – EMOTIV


Curbing Driver Distraction

Each year, vehicle accidents claim the lives of over one million people worldwide, and the “wheat belt” roads in Western Australia have become a hotbed for vehicle-related deaths. The Royal Automotive Club (RAC) responded by partnering with EMOTIV to create the world’s first “attention-powered car.” 

A modified Hundai i40 vehicle was linked to the driver’s brain state via an EMOTIV EPOC X headset and slowed down automatically if the operator was distracted. RAC took the car on a tour to illustrate how inattention impacts everyone and raise awareness for driver safety.

Learn more: How Mobile EEG Can Prevent Distracted Driving – EMOTIV


Caring for the Aging Brain

The UK National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA) has partnered with EMOTIV to explore the connection between emotions and longevity through technology. As part of Project City Vibes, NICA will deploy 2-channel EMOTIV MN8 earbuds to collect the cognitive responses of residents and tourists in specific urban and cultural settings, gaining a deeper understanding of how people respond to diverse stimuli throughout their environment.


Learn more: NICA partners with EMOTIV to leverage human emotion in the design of cities of longevity


Inspiring Young Scientists

MindHive STEM for All is a community neuroscience program that focuses on human brain and behavior research. Students, teachers, and scientists across the globe are invited to contribute experiments, resources, and research data to the platform. Students are mentored by scientific experts and learn to use EMOTIV EEG technology in their experiments. MindHive supports STEM learning and scientific discovery, inspiring a new generation of curious minds through hands-on experiment building, data collection, peer-review, and presentation of results.


Learn more: MindHive


Demystifying Mental Health

The Global Mind project by Sapien Labs utilizes EMOTIV technology to build the world’s largest database of over one million comprehensive mental health profiles. Data includes demographics, lifestyle, and life experience factors for the Internet-enabled population. The project maps wellbeing, root causes behind trends and declining mental health, and delivers preventative solutions. This invaluable resource is freely available to researchers across the globe.


Learn more: Global Mind Project | Mental Wellbeing | Sapien Labs


Revolutionizing Early Disease Detection

Researchers from Drexel University have developed a proactive approach to brain health screenings using EMOTIV technology. This “brain age” machine-learning model uses EMOTIV EPOC X headsets to measure the electrical activity during a brain's resting state (awake but without a task to perform) and compares it to statistical data among healthy adults. Changes in a person's resting-state EEG could signal early signs of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. 


Learn more: What’s Your Brain Age? EEG Algorithm Scans for Problem Gaps – EMOTIV


Improving Patient Care

The International Knee & Joint Center in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, partnered with Inclusive Brains to gather real-time EEG data from two surgeons simultaneously. The hyper-scanning experiment, using EMOTIV EPOC X headsets, is key to understanding surgeon brain functions and how optimizing performance leads to better patient care.


Breaking Musical Barriers

The one-of-a-kind Smirnoff Mindtunes project brought music fans with disabilities together to create a track using only their brain waves. British electronic music producer DJ Fresh and neuroscientist Dr. Julien Castet fitted Andy Walker, Mark Rowland, and Jo Portois with EMOTIV EEG headsets and linked them to music software using brain-computer interfaces. This inspiring story of creativity against all odds produced a song that truly came from the artists’ minds and hearts. Proceeds from the sale of the Mindtunes track were donated to Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (QEF).


Learn more: Mindtunes - BCI and Music

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