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How to clean EPOC FLEX Saline Sensors and Cap

EMOTIV saline electrodes are only subjected to saltwater in use which should be rinsed with clean water after each use to prolong the life of the sensor.

The sensors are silver/silver chloride plated which can be easily scratched by other metal parts. The cap will inevitably get saltwater on it and should also be rinsed and air-dried between users for hygiene and comfort reasons.

  1. Unplug the electronics unit (Flex amplifier module) and remove it from the cap if you plan to fully immerse the cap.
  2. Ensure the wiring looms, and particularly the connectors, are held out of the cleaning solution and remain dry throughout. If they are splashed or become wet, rinse off any soapy solution with clean water, dry them with paper towel and then use a warm (not hot) air stream from a hair dryer or similar to remove all liquid before reattaching them to the Flex amplifier unit.
  3. The cap, sensors and wiring looms other than the connectors can be washed in place together using a mild soapy solution, preferably a child shampoo or an industrial detergent which does not leave a residue. You can add a small amount of household disinfectant if the headset is to be shared between subjects. Coronavirus is reported to be deactivated with about 20 seconds or exposure to soapy water, so the disinfectant is probably not necessary.
  4. The cap, wiring and sensors should be rinsed a couple of times in clean (preferably demineralised or distilled) water to remove any residual electrolytes which may be left over from the cleaning process.
  5. Air dry the cap after spreading it out or placing it over something to avoid bunching of the fabric. It should not be tumble dried but you can apply a warm (not hot) air stream from a hair dryer.

The cap (without electrodes) can be cleaned in a washing machine at 30° Celsius, using a mild detergent and left to air dry. Please do not put in dryer or iron as this will reduce the life of the cap.

Under most circumstances, cleaning of caps and electrodes in mild detergent (such as children’s shampoo) with a toothbrush will suffice. Afterward, rinse the cap with water and the electrodes with distilled water. Finally, remove the excess moisture with paper towel and leave to air dry.

It is not recommended to use disinfectants with high than 20% alcohol , strong oxidisers or bleaching agents as they will reduce the life of the cap.

Note: Dishwasher detergents often leave a film and alter the electrode surface and disinfectants will react with the sensor material. Children’s shampoo is a good choice for cleaning caps and electrodes.

Best is to store the cap and electrodes in a dry and dark place.

Note: You can clean the FLEX cap by soaking or rinsing in warm water as above (including the toothbrush) but (1) unplug and remove the FLEX amplifier from the cap and (2) make sure the connectors do not get wet (eg push them into a zip lock bag, seal with a rubber band to avoid splashing, and hold them out of the water) while cleaning the cap and sensors. In this way, you can keep the electrode arrangements as is without having to remove and re-install the sensors.

Updated on 26 Apr 2024

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