Consumer research

Unveil the True Voice of Your Customers with Neuromarketing

Science-backed, consumer-driven wireless EEG data insights

Consumer research

Deeper Consumer Insights

In today's fast-paced markets, gaining deeper insights into what engages, delights, or deters consumers is critical for success.

By measuring consumers' brain waves with EMOTIV’s EEG devices, you can see with unprecedented accuracy what truly captures attention, evokes emotion, and drives decision-making.

Consumer research

Beyond Traditional

Traditional consumer research methods like surveys and focus groups often yield biased or inaccurate results. Advertising pioneer David Ogilvy, encapsulated this challeng stating,

"The trouble with market research is that people don't think what they feel, they don't say what they think, and they don't do what they say."

Neuromarketing with EMOTIV’s EEG devices transcends traditional limitations by tapping into consumer brain activity. EMOTIV's portable neurotechnology captures genuine consumer reactions and emotions, providing objective data that fosters a deeper, more effective connection with customers.

Consumer research

How EEG in Neuromarketing Works

Our wireless EEG devices capture tiny whispers of brain activity using sensors placed on the scalp. This non-invasive method taps directly into the source of truth, capturing the brain’s responses to stimuli with millisecond accuracy. These signals provide an objective, unbiased view of consumers’ preferences and reactions.

Consumer research

Empowering Your Brand With Brain Data

Whether you're a seasoned researcher or new to the world of neurotechnology, EMOTIV is here to empower your brand with brain data. By measuring how the brain responds to stimuli, your brand can create targeted advertising campaigns that resonate with consumers' neurological preferences and improve ROI. 

Consumer research

Why Choose EMOTIV for Neuromarketing?

EMOTIV is a world leader in neurotechnology, with more than 15 years of empowering brain research and BCI with our portable EEG devices.

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Tailored EEG Solutions

Whether you conduct neuromarketing on your own or engage our research service, we can help you transform your consumer research with brain data.

EEG Bundles

Take advantage of the EMOTIV EEG bundles to drive scalable, objective consumer research results in-house. 

  • Choose from 2-channel earbuds to portable 32-channel EEG systems. 
  • Capture real-time data, and analysis with EmotivPRO. 
  • Complement qualitative market research methods with brain data. 
  • Cost-effective way to find your competitive edge.

Research Service

If you're new to EEG or don’t have an in-house neuromarketing team, our research service is here to support you.

  • Support from our team of neuroscientists and data experts. 
  • Advice on the best EEG devices for your research. 
  • Bespoke experiment design. 
  • Support with EEG data collection. 
  • Expert EEG data analysis and reporting.

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