Using EEG headsets in Neuromarketing

How understanding consumer behavior with neuroscience leads to better research results.

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Consumer research

The limitations of qualitative market research

Qualitative research is crucial in understanding consumer responses to products and media. However, qualitative research techniques rely on consumers self-reporting what they think, feel, and believe.

The results from your research often require exhaustive analysis to identify natural biases and inaccuracies. Even with machine learning tools increasing efficacy, these analyses may contain further biases, making it difficult to draw effective insights that help you understand consumer preferences and make better strategic decisions.

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Girl wearing an EPOC X device

Consumer research

The power of neuroscience in consumer research

Consumers make most of their decisions unconsciously. They can’t always express why they prefer a particular design or product, or why it makes them feel a certain way.
EEG technology is being used by companies across the world who want real-time responses.

EMOTIV’s portable EEG headsets measure brainwaves with millisecond accuracy — providing real insights into how someone feels about your products or media. Our EEG headsets are simple to use and can be used anywhere — allowing research opportunities that were once impossible.
By combining neuroscience and qualitative research, you can truly measure consumers’ preferences.

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Interview of Olivier Oullier

PhD Professor of Behavioral and Brain Sciences on the Future of Consumer Behavior at L’Oreal’s Luxury Lab

The power of neuroscience in consumer research

  • Why labs are bad for brain research
  • EMOTIV – redefining brain research with remote EEG
  • The dynamic benefits of remote EEG
  • Examples of remote EEG in action
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Brain States Decoded

EMOTIV’s Performance Metrics provide insights into the human brain and human behavior that do not need decoding.


Measures the level of attraction or aversion to stimuli


Measures the level of emotional intensity of a stimulus or environment


Measures the level of emotional tension you experience when completing a task


Measures the level of immersion in an activity


Measures the level of calm focus after a period of intense concentration


Is a measure at the lower end of Engagement


Is a measure of vigilant focus while performing a single task

Cognitive Stress

Measures the level of processing power and effort required to complete a task

Cognitive Pressure 

Measures the level of mental demands of a task exceeding mental capacity

Cognitive Load

Measures the level of mental effort while completing a task

Proven Neuroscience Insights Across Key Sectors

EMOTIV has worked with prominent brands in automotive, design, advertising & marketing, media, gaming, human factor design, and more to provide insights that have improved their products or user experiences.

Neuromarketing research made easy with EMOTIV

EMOTIV’s Performance Metrics provide insights into the human brain that do not need decoding.

No limitations

EMOTIV’s wireless EEG headsets can be used anywhere for a truly customer-centric experience

Innovate faster

Real-time brain insights allow you to accurately understand human behavior and make informed strategic decisions faster.

Scale your insights

Conduct consumer research at scale, and obtain diverse, global data sets with our crowdsourced data collection.

Let’s uncover what consumers really think – better yet, Let’s uncover what they feel

EMOTIV’s Research Service is here to assist you in every step of your neuroscience research journey.

How EMOTIV’s Research Service works:

Step 1

Experiment Design

A team of behavioral and neuroscience experts will build a bespoke experiment for your research.

woman working on a laptop wearing a flex gel

Step 2

Data Collection

Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.

Step 3

Data Analysis

EMOTIV’s data scientists analyze the brain data and provide you with accurate insights so you can make informed strategic decisions.

Manage Your EMOTIV EEG Headsets

  • Receive live status updates on your headsets’ battery life. 
  • View your headsets’ contact quality in real time. 
  • Manage your headsets’ connection via Bluetooth or USB receiver dongle. 
  • Rename your headset.
  • View sample rate and motion rate information.
Virtual Brainwear


Virtual Brainwear®

Virtual Brainwear simulates different EMOTIV headset states and data streams, making it easier for you to develop and test your own applications. 

  • View device information.
  • Chose contact quality states. 
  • Choose a simulation source.
  • View different detection, such as performance metrics, mental commands, and facial expressions.

Customer Applications

EMOTIV’s EEG devices are expanding our knowledge of the human brain and human behavior across hundreds of real-world applications

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