Cutting-Edge EEG Solutions

Designed with precision and ease, experience unparalleled insights into brain activity, tailored for both personal growth and advanced scientific inquiry.

14-Channel Wireless EEG Headset

EMOTIV's industry-leading wireless EEG headset

32-Channel Gel Wireless EEG Head Cap System

High density EEG

Insight - 5 Channel Wireless EEG Headset

5-Channel Wireless EEG Headset

MN8 - 2 Channel Wireless EEG Earbuds

2-Channel Wireless EEG Earbuds

X-Trodes - 16 Channel Adhesive EEG Monitoring

16-Channel Adhesive EEG Monitoring

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Supercharge Your Brain Research

AI-powered EEG software.
Build experiments, capture raw EEG data and performance metrics, data analysis, and more — PRO can do it all.

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EMOTIV’s EEG devices are expanding our knowledge of the human brain and human behavior across hundreds of real-world applications

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