Partner with MN8 for Smart Brainwave Monitoring. Experience immediate insights into your brain activity as you work, enjoy music, meditate, and engage in other activities.

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Optimize Your Day with Personalized Brain Insights

Contour harnesses EMOTIV’s Performance Metrics, providing you with personalized brain insights.

Cognitive Load

Measures the mental effort required to complete a task.


Measures vigilant focus while performing a task.

Cognitive Stress

Measures mental effort while completing a task.

Track your cognitive efficiency with daily, weekly, and monthly cognitive efficiency reports.

Schedule dedicated focus times and track your cognitive efficiency during those sessions.

Improve your cognitive efficiency with brain exercises.

Built in-house with user privacy and data security in mind.

Add notes and link your Outlook or Google calendar to track your brain activity during meetings, events, or even exercise.

Practice guided meditation and breathing exercises to regain focus and de-stress.

Contour Gets Smarter

The more you use MN8 with Contour, the smarter the system becomes—getting to know your optimal brain activity.

Brain Activity Insights

Contour leverages EMOTIV’s machine-learning algorithms and AI to provide personalized brain activity insights throughout your day.

Optimize Your Day

When you’re stressed or lose focus, Contour alerts you in real-time and suggests activities that help you regain your flow and optimize your day.

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Android 7.0 or above

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