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What Is Your Criteria For Approving Third Party Applications?

We approve apps based on fairly simple rules.

1. Apps must be reasonably well constructed (simple and problem-free installer, all the buttons, UI elements, and displays work as intended, no memory leaks or excessive CPU use etc), reasonably well documented – at least a simple how-to or user manual,

2. they must be inoffensive, ethical and legal (eg no racial or minority vilification, no violation of copyright – yes, that means references to Marvel Comics characters or Lucasfilm intellectual property are strictly forbidden unless you own or license those rights, no unauthorized collection of user’s personal information without their informed consent), and

3. Emotiv’s licensing conditions are met.

While you are free to set the price for your software, we may strongly recommend that your offering is overpriced. We may withdraw it from our site at any time at our own discretion.

This may happen for example if nobody buys it for an extended period, or if we receive justifiable complaints which are not rectified.

Updated on 25 Mar 2024

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