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EMOTIV advances neuroscience with our cutting-edge mobile EEG technology, designed for researchers in psychology, neuroscience, cognitive studies, and clinical trials. Our devices foster groundbreaking insights and bridge the gap between theoretical research and practical application. Ideal for a wide range of scientific fields, EMOTIV's solutions enhance the understanding of neural processes and support diverse research needs. With exceptional precision and portability, our technology provides real-time data critical for modern research beyond traditional lab settings.

Scientific Research

Introducing EMOTIV's Comprehensive Research Support Services

At EMOTIV, we go beyond providing cutting-edge technology. We offer comprehensive services to help your organization implement mobile EEG technology effectively. Our team of experts assists in setting up experiments, configuring devices, and training your staff to capture accurate brain data. Additionally, we provide specialized support in data interpretation and insight extraction, ensuring you derive meaningful outcomes from your research endeavors.

Scientific Research

Explore Our Starter Kits and Bundles for Scientific Research

Jumpstart your research with EMOTIV’s specially curated starter kits and bundles, designed to provide everything you need to begin your EEG studies efficiently. These kits include our top-rated EEG devices, essential accessories, and initial training materials to ensure a smooth setup. Ideal for new labs or expanding projects, our bundles are tailored to support various scientific applications, enabling you to focus more on discovery and less on setup.

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EMOTIV’s EEG devices are expanding our knowledge of the human brain and human behavior across hundreds of real-world applications

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Explore Our Blogs and Case Studies on Neuroscience Education.

What an Explorer's Brain Revealed about Edinburgh

National Geographic explorer Dan Raven-Ellison uses the EPOC+ to record EEG data of his journey across Edinburgh.

Decoding of the Relationship between Brain and Facial Muscle Activities in Response to Dynamic Visual Stimuli

We present different moving visual stimuli to the subjects and accordingly analyze the complex structure of electromyography (EMG) signal versus the complex structure of electroencephalography (EEG) signal using fractal theory.

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