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How to quickly set up FLEX?

We recommend that you use a polystyrene head when setting up the cap to make the setup easier.

  1. Remove the cap, electrode trees and controller from the packaging.
  2. Fit the controller to the cap with the Emotiv logo.
  3. Fit the blue wire tree into the left side of the controller and the red wire tree into the right side.
  4. Starting with LA position your sensors into the cap, we recommend that you try to keep left and right as a mirror image to make setup simple. See our example layout above.
  5. The cap is now ready for fitting onto the test subject.
  6. Please plug in the universal USB receiver into your computer and ensure the power switch is to the right a blue LED will turn on indicating power on. You should also see the lights on the receiver change to indicate it is receiving data.
  7. More details can be found in our Quick Start Guide

Updated on 26 Apr 2024

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