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What else can you say about EPOC+ or INSIGHT and paralyzed users?

We have seen some very heartening things already. People who have been severely injured and have basically lost interest in life, upon using the EPOC for simple mental gameplay, rapidly develop a passionate interest in playing with the EPOC and achieve radical improvements in their mental state and also in some cases their physical state. Users may inherently exercise neck muscles to control the gyro or to watch the game better, or they can gradually restore some control to facial expressions through repeated use as in-game commands.
The EPOC can also put paralyzed users on an equal footing with able-bodied gamers in some settings, such as games based on mental duels and so on.

Most of all, EPOC is fun to use and very engaging to learn, and everyone should have some fun in their lives. As time rolls by there will be more and more applications such as neurofeedback and meditation training, where users can learn new skills.

Updated on 25 Mar 2024

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