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Tips to achieve good signal quality with long and thick hair and EPOC X or Flex Saline?

Try to work the sensors through the hair (wiggle them back and forward and side to side).
If possible, try to part or position the hair away from the troublesome sensor locations before fitting the cap.

Gradually apply more fluid through the rear port of the sensor. The sensors should be quite wet and the hair directly under the sensor should be slightly damp after the headset is removed. Apply fluid slowly so it doesn't flow out and wet the cap or surrounding hair - this can join up with adjacent locations which can affect the signals.

It may be a good idea to remove all of the felt pads and soak them in saline before fitting them back to the headset. Shake them and very gently pinch to remove excessive fluid if they are dripping wet, otherwise they are ok as long as fluid does not leak into the surrounding cap material.

When you have fitted the sensors, if you are still seeing poor contact quality, try pressing firmly on the back of the sensor, towards the head, for a count of 5. This will squeeze some fluid into the hair gap. It may take 10 seconds or so for the effect to be fully seen.

Updated on 12 Jun 2024

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