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Why does the EEG Quality (EQ) in EmotivPRO flicker?

EEG quality (EQ) is the new feature we have recently added to EmotivPRO software. The EQ map measures the quality of the brain signal for each sensor, and it takes into account movement, noise, signal amplitude, and many other parameters that make it much more sensitive. It is totally normal for the EQ to flicker and it DOES take time for the signal to settle, so adjust each sensor individually, sit still and wait patiently for 3-5 seconds. If the signal flickers green at any point, it's likely the signal is good, but it is imperative to sit still to see if it maintains the green.

In general, EQ is designed to give a quick way to understand and evaluate the raw EEG signal for those who do not have a trained eye. Expect the EQ to flicker as the experiment runs and the participant moves and for this output to be reflected in your PRO export. A consistently low EQ score may mean up to 3 sensors are showing significant noise or artifacts. It is expected that the EQ signal will flicker-this is an indication that we are detecting movement, noise, or other interferences that mean the brain signal is not perfect. To reiterate, it behaves very differently to CQ and it is NOT expected to remain steady at all moments in the recording, particularly if people are not sitting still.

If your sensors remain orange or red, ensure your hair is out of the way, the sensor is touching the scalp and there is enough prime fluid, gel, or saline solution. You can refer to this link for more information about our CQ and EQ.

Updated on 25 Mar 2024

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