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Mobile and Secure EEG Cloud Database

Store, share and analyze EEG data.

With EMOTIV Cloud, brain data collected using our headsets and software suite is automatically and securely captured in the cloud. This enables unlimited storage, fast processing, and secure internal behavioral and brain data comparison without the constraints of labs or local machines. EMOTIV Cloud unlocks a wealth of new use cases for researchers, developers, enterprises and individuals to securely collect, backup and analyze a trove of EEG data anywhere.

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Encrypted protectionfor your EEG data

Store and access your EEG data from anywhere with peace of mind that it’s fully protected and private. We use industry-standard encryption to ensure your EEG data is transferred and stored securely (TLS 1.2 in transit, AES-256 at rest).

All EMOTIV employees are trained in secure and respectful handling of personal data, as per GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) requirements.

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Conduct EEG research from the Cloud

Your EEG datasets upload automatically. Access on multiple devices, wherever you are. Share findings with your team instantly.

This unprecedented level of mobile EEG data recording and sharing frees you from the limitations of the lab, classroom or office and facilitates breakthroughs beyond current siloed methods of EEG data collection.

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Contribute to the future of EEG solutions

When our team of neuroscientists, statisticians, and physicists conduct brain research, they do so using an anonymized version of EEG data stored in EMOTIV Cloud.

By contributing to our EEG cloud database, developers, researchers, and citizen scientists help accelerate our understanding of the human brain. Community-generated data enhances our ability to fine-tune algorithms and accurately measure EEG signals for our users.

EMOTIV Cloud is supported by all our EEG headsets

EMOTIV Cloud is available for free and by default in all EMOTIV applications and is supported by all our hardware.


The most credible and cost-effective mobile EEG Brainwear® device reimagined.


5-Channel wireless easy-to-use EEG headset with innovative polymer sensor technology.

Enterprise Solution

2-Channel wireless EEG buds with dry sensor technology that fits comfortably into everyday activities.


32-channel wirerless EEG cap with flexible electrode positioning.


EMOTIV makes it possible to control machine using your mind. Trigger events using thoughts with our Mental Command machine-learning detection.


Research-grade neuroscience software for viewing, recording and exporting raw EEG data, performance metrics, motion data and more.