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Cortex is our new API powerhouse, enabling you to start creating truly personalized experiences and activations using real-time brain data.

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Cortex is a wrapper around our Software Development Kit (SDK) and houses all the tools required to develop with EMOTIV. It provides API access to different EMOTIV data streams, tiered out across three license levels. Join our worldwide community of developers and start creating your own application now.

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Getting Started

Embed brain data into your workplace, products or services using Cortex in four easy steps. Our licensing plans suit a wide variety of needs from providing access to our core data streams for brain-computer interface to high-resolution performance metrics for custom commercial applications.


Apply for the license that best suits your use case.


Once approved by EMOTIV, you will get access to our centralized installer EMOTIV Launcher in your Account.


Register your App in My Account > Cortex Apps.


Receive your App ID, Client ID, Client secret and start building.

Build Your App

Built on JSON and WebSockets, Cortex integrates our headset’s data streams with third-party software enabling you to record data, create BCI applications or build custom games and apps. Use the documentation below or look at some of our featured examples.

Here is how our “Cortex Service” works:

Documentation & Examples

Publish your app

If you have created an exciting application with our technology, we’d love to share it with our community. Get in touch with us and we can help you distribute your application to our community.

Maximize Human Brain Research and Experiences with the World’s Most Versatile EEG Headsets

Manage Your EMOTIV EEG Headsets

  • Receive live status updates on your headsets’ battery life. 
  • View your headsets’ contact quality in real time. 
  • Manage your headsets’ connection via Bluetooth or USB receiver dongle. 
  • Rename your headset.
  • View sample rate and motion rate information.
Virtual Brainwear


Virtual Brainwear®

Virtual Brainwear simulates different EMOTIV headset states and data streams, making it easier for you to develop and test your own applications. 

  • View device information.
  • Chose contact quality states. 
  • Choose a simulation source.
  • View different detection, such as performance metrics, mental commands, and facial expressions.

Customer Applications

EMOTIV’s EEG devices are expanding our knowledge of the human brain and human behavior across hundreds of real-world applications

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