Key Features

EMOTIV Extender is a mains isolated, external rechargeable battery pack with a microSD card reader to extend battery life and enable external storage.

*Micro SD card is not included

To utilize the hardware input port and to decrypt data from SD card, EmotivPRO license is required.

Syncing real-time clock

Extender has a real-time clock which is used to timestamp a recording. Before you start recording files, it is a good idea to update the RTC by syncing it to your computer using our service application, EMOTIV App.

Syncing real-time clock
Extended recording time

Extended recording time

Extender includes a 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery which extends your EMOTIV headset’s battery life by more than 12 hours.

Data Logger

The Extender’s built-in Micro SD card reader (up to 32GB) removes the need to record data to a PC or mobile device. Gain more freedom and download your data to your computer at your convenience.

Precise event marking

The isolated TTL opto-coupled external event marker input channel allows Emotiv Extender to inject synchronisation markers directly into the EEG signal stream with maximum accuracy and minimal jitter of +/- 1 samples.