MN8 – 2 Channel EEG Earbuds

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MN8 features EMOTIV’s industry-leading EEG technology in a device you use every day—your earbuds. Listen to high-quality audio and monitor your brain activity doing any activity.

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MN8 - 2 Channel Wireless EEG Earbuds

Brainwaves Meet Music: Welcome to a New Era in Earbud Technology

Unlock Your Mind with MN8: The World’s First Brainwave-Monitoring Earbuds.

Revolutionary EEG Earbuds

Listen to Music and Monitor Your Brainwaves Wherever Life Takes You

Meet Contour:

MN8’s Smart Brainwave Monitoring Partner

Receive real-time feedback on your brain activity while you work, listen to music, meditate, and more.

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Contour Access is free for the first year!

macOS (10.13) High Sierra or above.

Windows 10 (64 bit) v1809 or above.

iOS 13 or above.

Android 7.0 or above.


Every purchase includes the EMOTIV Pro Lite software.

Investigate all available upgrade possibilities.

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Track your cognitive efficiency with daily, weekly, and monthly cognitive efficiency reports.

Schedule dedicated focus times and track your cognitive efficiency during those sessions.

Improve your cognitive efficiency with brain exercises.

Built in-house with user privacy and data security in mind.

Add notes and link your Outlook or Google calendar to track your brain activity during meetings, events, or even exercise.

Practice guided meditation and breathing exercises to regain focus and de-stress.

Optimize Your Day with Personalized Brain Insights

Contour harnesses EMOTIV’s Performance Metrics, providing you with personalized brain insights.

Cognitive Load

Measures the mental effort required to complete a task.


Measures vigilant focus while performing a task.

Cognitive Stress

Measures mental effort while completing a task.

How MN8 Works

Pair MN8 with Contour

Wear your MN8 and pair it with Contour. MN8’s integrated EEG sensors seamlessly measure your brain activity while you go about your day.

Smart Brain Activity Measurements

Contour translates EEG data from MN8 and utilizes AI and machine learning to provide personalized brain insights and activity recommendations tailored to you.

Use Daily

Contour gets smarter the more you use it – getting to know your optimal brain activity.

Stressed? Distracted?

Contour alerts you to changes in brain activity that are impacting your cognitive efficiency. It’ll suggest activities to help you destress or find your flow.


Sensor Count: 2 (+4 references)

Sensor Technology: Dry, non-toxic, non-allergenic conductive elastomer earbuds.

Connectivity: Bluetooth® Low Energy.

Sensor Locations: Left and Right Ear Canal.

Motion Sensor: 6 axis sensor, 4 quaternions.

Dynamic Range: ±4.17 mV.

Resolution: 14 bits per channel.

LSB Resolution: 0.51 µV.

Notice: Not supported on Ubuntu & Raspberry Pi.

MN8 Earbuds

MN8 Travel Case

Sensors & Earbuds Pack

USB-C Charging Cable

Bluetooth Dongle

Two earbud sizes

Two sensors types

Sensors removal tool

Develop with EMOTIV

Interested in developing an app with MN8? EMOTIV’s MN8 Developer Kit contains
all the tools you need to develop apps for business, research, or yourself.

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2 x EMOTIV MN8 2-channel EEG earbuds


Integrated software solution to record, store and export data

EMOTIV Launcher

EMOTIV’s centralized software for desktop and mobile

Virtual Brainwear®

Device simulator for application development

Cortex API

Access raw EEG data, Cognitive Stress & Auditory Attention performance metrics

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