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Control Machines With Your Mind

Amplify Your Performance With EMOTIV’s Cutting-Edge BCI Software.

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Let Your Mind Take The Lead

Imagine controlling your computer, communicating, or even moving objects with only your thoughts. This ability is no longer restricted to science fiction; this is reality. With your EMOTIV EEG headset and BCI, you can seamlessly interact with the world around you like never before.

How Does BCI Work?

BCI converts brain activity data, facial expressions, and head movements into digital signals that can control endless devices and applications.

Mental Commands

Trigger events with specific thoughts that you’ve trained BCI to recognize.

BCI Mental Commands

Performance Metrics

Allow passive and continuous control of events based on your real-time cognitive state, such as engagement or excitement.

BCI Performance Metrics

Facial Expressions

Trigger events with facial expressions and eye movements. No training required!

BCI Facial Expressions

Motion Sensors

Use your head movements to control devices or control applications.

BCI Motion Sensors

Limitless Profiles, Unique Experiences

BCI lets you create unlimited training profiles, allowing you to adapt your BCI experiences to your unique intentions and needs.

Transforming Lives & Igniting Creativity

BCI is transforming lives, fostering creativity, and revolutionizing entertainment and virtual worlds.  The real-world applications of BCI are only limited by your imagination.


Gaming & Entertainment

Control characters and navigate virtual worlds with your thoughts and head movements.

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Art & Music

Create music and paintings using your only mind.

Accessibility & Independence

Control wheelchairs, cars, communicate with text-to-speech, and operate smart home devices with your thoughts.

Integrations & Extensions

Extend the capabilities of your BCI program by exploring our integrations and feature extensions

BCI OSC Node Red extension

Node-Red Toolbox

Integrate customized BCI applications and integrations without programming.

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BCI OSC Compatible apps


Connect your EMOTIV EEG headset to OSC-compatible hardware and software.

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BCI User Guide

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