Uncover the intricacies of the human brain with EMOTIV’s Raw EEG Data.

Versatile EEG Headsets, Research-Grade Raw EEG Data

Choosing the right EEG headset is fundamental for capturing reproducible raw EEG data for your research. Features such as sensor configuration, conformity, time resolution, and artifact removal are all crucial. That’s why EMOTIV has designed a range of versatile, wireless EEG headsets that researchers around the world trust to capture research-grade raw EEG data in any environment.

2-32 Sensors

The widest range of wireless EEG headsets in the industry.

Low Impedance

Headsets conform closely to the head for optimal sensor contact and signal consistency.

Optimal Sensor Placement

10-20 sensor configuration.

High Time Resolution

Capture cognition at 128 or 256 samples per second.

Reduced Interference

Headsets reduce environmental electrical interference.

Research-Grade EEG Headsets

EMOTIV’s headset are validated against research-grade devices.

Delve Deeper, Uncover More

EMOTIV’s raw EEG data lets researchers delve deeper into the brain’s intricate electrical activity. Uncover your participants’ cognitive processes and emotional responses anywhere in real-time — allowing you to extract meaningful information that’s advancing brain research and our understanding of the human experience.

Visualize Unfiltered Brain Activity

Connect your EMOTIV EEG headset to Pro and witness raw EEG data visualizations as they unfold. With Pro, you can explore the finest details in brainwave patterns and customize your views to suit your research objectives.

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Supercharge Your Brain Research

AI-powered EEG software.
Build experiments, capture raw EEG data and performance metrics, data analysis, and more — PRO can do it all.

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Who’s using EMOTIV’s Raw EEG

Researchers in various fields are using EMOTIV’s raw EEG data to study the intricacies of the human brain and human behavior outside of the lab.


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