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Breaking Brain Research Out of the Lab

Breaking Brain Research Out of the Lab

The electroencephalogram (EEG) was born in a laboratory, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay there. Monitoring electrical activity in the brain has traditionally required a controlled environment specifically built to isolate electromagnetic fields along with substantial – and expensive – equipment prep and cleanup. While ideal for studying low-level brain function, laboratories hinder accurate reactions because they do not allow brains to operate in their natural state away from prying eyes.

EMOTIV began its quest to democratize brain research in 2011. Inspired by the limits of a closed laboratory setting, our researchers created EPOC – the first commercially available mobile EEG headset on the market. Since then, EMOTIV has been referenced over 19,000 times on Google Scholar. These wireless headsets lower the barrier to entry for researchers in terms of cost and location. Research can now happen anywhere in the world at any time with accurate results. Comprehensive toolkits and software packages aid in data visualization, collection, analysis, and even study recruitment. It’s time to cut the cables and take EEG out into the real world. Welcome to a new age of brain research – all you need is curiosity.

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