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Attach the rear arm to the headset.

Attach the rear arm connector to the headset body. The connector should slide fully into the slot and the arm should be flushed with the body.


Attach the sensors to the headset.

Attach a sensor to the end of each arm with the sensor pads facing inward. The sensors should snap in place and be flush with the arm.

Charging the Insight: Charge the Insight with the included cable. The Insight will attain full charge in about 2 hours.

Turning the Insight ON and OFF: The Insight’s ON/OFF button is above the charging port.


Correctly position the headset.

Position the reference sensors to touch the skin behind the ear. It is critical that the reference sensors make contact with the skin behind the ear. If necessary, gently bend the reference sensor arm so that the sensors make contact with the skin.

Frontal sensors should align above each eye and should be positioned about three finger widths above the eyebrows. If necessary, re-moisten the sensor pads with the re-hydration solution.

For more help regarding the usage of EMOTIV Insight, please consult the manual or contact customer support.

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