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EmotivPRO is our integrated software solution for neuroscience research and education, built for EPOC+, EPOC Flex and Insight. EmotivPRO enables access for multiple users to record and store unlimited data in the cloud and mark events of interest. You can view and export Raw EEG, Performance Metrics, Motion sensor data and FFT/Band power data in real time. Learn more.

Choose EmotivPRO Academic (3 devices per seat) if you are a non-commercial entity such as a university, government lab, non-profit or individual.

Choose EmotivPRO Business (1 device per seat) if you are a commercial entity using PRO for any commercial use including research, product development or providing a service.

Choose EmotivPRO Student (1 device per seat) if you are a University student. You must have a student email address and will be required to provide supporting documentation during the application process.

Choose the “Plus” option if you want access to High-Resolution Performance Metrics. This feature is available for Academic and Business Licenses.

Download will be available after checkout, via our Emotiv App found in your account.


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