EmotivPRO Analyzer

Intuitive Experiment Building

Build, Customize, & Publish Neuroscience Research Experiments with Pro.

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Design research experiments and deploy privately to participants.


View, record, and export your EEG data securely.

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Post-process your data without exporting your recordings.

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No Coding Required

Build neuroscience experiments from scratch in a few easy steps, or use one of Pro Builder’s experiment templates. No coding experience required: simply name your experiment and start building your phases. If you want to build truly customized experiments, you also have the option to code your own experiments and import them to PyschoPy.

Full Design Control

Add as many calibration, instruction, and stimuli phases as you want to your experiment. Customize those phases with your own audio, video, images, text, and questionnaires. Add randomizations, timers, and loops to elicit specific brain responses and draw valid research conclusions.

Preview Your Experiments

Ensure quality, transparency, and reproducibility of your data. Immerse yourself in your experiment as a participant would so you can identify and rectify any errors, evaluate the content, and gauge the user experience.

Publish Your Experiments

Publish your experiments privately, then share a link with your participants so they can contribute to your research remotely. Alternatively, invite participants to your lab to contribute to your research.