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EMOTIV’s Performance Metrics provide insights into the human brain and human behavior that do not need decoding.

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Pioneering Performance Metrics

Driven by our proprietary machine-learning algorithms, AI, and the world’s largest EEG data set, we’ve been building and perfecting our Performance Metrics for over a decade. In fact, we’re the first neurotech company in the world to build them.

Measure cognition in real-time

See the precise moments when cognitive states change. Our performance metrics provide efficient and objective insights into the brain’s responses in real time. These insights are helping businesses make informed strategic decisions, improve product development and marketing, and provide unique customer experiences.

Building EMOTIV’s Performance Metrics

Designed by EMOTIV’s in-house team of neuroscientists and psychologists, EMOTIV’s Performance Metrics are built using methodologies published in neuroscience research papers to design experiments that elicit a desired cognitive state, such as attention. Our team has collected hundreds of EEG data sets from participants in controlled neuroscience experiments using EMOTIV’s EPOC, Insight, and MN8 headsets. We use these data sets to train machine learning algorithms, translating complex EEG patterns into easy-to-understand measures of cognitive states.

Perfecting EMOTIV’s
Performance Metrics

We all experience emotions differently. When we report those emotions, we do so on different scales in response to our life experiences. So, to improve the accuracy of our performance metrics, we collect EEG data from different participants in a variety of scenarios that elicit similar emotions.

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