Get closer to the truth

Bypass traditional methods of market research that rely on what people tell you, and go straight to the source – the brain. EMOTIV technology provides a wireless, affordable device that reads brain activity, providing feedback on how consumers feel about your product.

Understand emotions behind behavior

We have developed a suite of algorithms that detect human emotions, so that you can get immediate neuroscience insights without an expert knowledge. Leverage our detections to uncover the emotions that drive your audience choices.

Validate ideas

Make bolder business decisions by using brain data as part of your research routine. Test prototypes, validate ideas for your clients and embark on quick and easy usability testing.

Combine with other sensors

Combine brain data with surveys or other biometric sensors such as eye-tracking and heart rate measurements, and gain a full picture of consumer choices and decision-making.


Consumer reactions can be measured down to the millisecond with time locked data streams and event markers, providing powerful solutions for product and usability testing.

advanced hardware eeg sensor data headset EPOC plus 14 channel wireless

Recommended hardware

advanced hardware eeg sensor data headset EPOC plus 14 channel wireless

We recommend the EPOC+ for scientific research projects and educational applications. With 14 channels, the EPOC+ gives you a dense array of high quality data and set up time of just 5 minutes.

Commercial applications

Contact us to learn more about how EMOTIV technology can improve your business market research, product development, employee performance and more.