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How EMOTIV’s Performance Metrics Confirmed Mentimeter’s “Hunch”

How EMOTIV’s Performance Metrics Confirmed Mentimeter’s “Hunch”

Mentimeter is a multimedia presentation software platform that differentiates itself from PowerPoint with easy-to-build presentations, and live, interactive audience engagement, including voting and quizzes. Founded on a belief in the capacity for interaction and engagement to harness the power of togetherness, Mentimeter unlocks the potential of presenters and audiences in a way that traditional presentation tools simply cannot.

Mentimeter always had a ‘hunch’ that their presentation platform was more engaging than their rivals – something they dubbed ‘The Mentimeter Effect’ – but until they partnered with EMOTIV, they had no way of quantifying it. Mentimeter approached EMOTIV’s Research Service to independently conduct an EEG (electroencephalography) research project measuring participants’ brain activity while viewing and interacting with two presentations: Mentimeter vs. Powerpoint.

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