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Introducing Brainwear - Register for Early Access!

Introducing Brainwear - Register for Early Access!

We’re excited to announce Brainwear is coming soon and we’re offering you access to exclusive updates and early bird registration! Check out our new website: – we’d love to hear what you think!

Brainwear: the most advanced system on the market

Brainwear combines our sleek smart earbuds with an intuitive and intelligent app experience to allow you to understand your brain and build your day around it.

Meet your new brain coach

Brainwear learns your productivity patterns and provides you with insights that help you work more efficiently. Brainwear’s focus awareness and flow timer provide tailored feedback on how long you should work before taking a break. It limits distractions when it detects you’re at peak concentration, so you can achieve greater efficiency. While you’re working, let Brainwear decide what sound suits you. Whatever your playlist of choice, Brainwear will provide feedback on what audio helps you to achieve optimal workflow or relaxation.

For those moments when distractions are inevitable, Brainwear identifies when you’re stressed or unfocused, and offers a variety of interactive solutions to help you regain productivity. Guided meditation allows your mind to reset and recharge while Brainwear analyzes your meditative brain to optimize even your leisure time for holistic wellness. Brainwear breathwork stops your body’s stress response in its tracks and returns you to your best calm state with personalized guidance. For those moments where you might need to more actively re-engage your mind, try Brainwear’s brain-controlled challenges. Cutting-edge brain-to-computer interface technology enables you to challenge yourself by controlling and manipulating virtual shapes — using only your mind. More than just fun, these challenges encourage increased focus, relaxation, and improved mental well-being.

We’ll be offering limited early bird discounts in the coming weeks. Make sure to sign up and follow us on our Brainwear Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, so you don’t miss out on the latest news and exclusive offers.

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