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Emotivate Change—a BCI Hackathon in Support of People with Disabilities

Emotivate Change—a BCI Hackathon in Support of People with Disabilities

Do you want to use your neurotechnology skills and knowledge to help support the special needs community? From Rodrigo Mendez, a quadriplegic, driving an F1 Race Car, Accenture developing software for people with ALS, and BCI 4 Kids creating brain generated art with the Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Alberta— it’s inspiring to see so many great projects created for the special needs community using EMOTIV’s technology.

Controlling things with your mind may seem like science fiction, but it’s science in action! We have the privilege to affect people’s lives and provide them with opportunities that were previously unimaginable. We need YOUR help to create more BCI-enabled games, experiences, and solutions, and make them available & accessible to the Community.

EMOTIV x Rodrigo Hubner Mendes - Driving an F1 car just by thinking.
EMOTIV x Rodrigo Hubner Mendes – Driving an F1 car just by thinking: “The team leader came to me and asked me, are you OK, can you start. Suddenly, it was me, the car, and the track. I gave the first command, which was to accelerate and the car started running. It was unbelievable.” – Mendes said.

Emotivate Change – a BCI Hackathon

On August 15 – 16, 2021, EMOTIV is hosting a BCI hackathon in support of people with disabilities. Leveraging EMOTIV’s toolsets, teams can compete to create any kind of app, game, or program that serves or lifts up the Community.

Participants must be over 16 years and older, and the projects must be:

  • Completely original and not taken directly or copied from outside sources
  • Using the EMOTIV toolset (i.e. Cortex SDK, BCI API, EMOTIV-BCI with Node-RED Toolbox, and Virtual Brainwear)
Sample coding tutorial for Cortex Python Example
Emotiv-BCI Node-RED Toolbox
  • Legal in terms of data collection, privacy etc.
  • Open source availability for families/disabled communities to use

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced coder, everyone can participate in the hackathon. More information on prizes to be won will be communicated with participants.

Please note that headsets are not required for participation in the hackathon. Virtual Brainwear is a free device emulator designed to assist you in developing applications compatible with EMOTIV’s hardware. If participants want a headset, we will pass on a 20% discount on the EPOC X!

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