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Electroencephalographic changes using virtual reality program

Electroencephalographic changes using virtual reality program

Electroencephalographic changes using virtual reality program: technical note condensed title: a study using a mobile EEG device.

Oliveira SMS, Medeiros CSP, Pacheco TBF, Bessa NPOS, Silva FGM, Tavares NSA, Rego IAO, Campos TF, Cavalcanti FADC.


The aim of the study was to describe the technique of an electroencephalographic (EEG) assessment using the Emotiv EPOC® during the performance of a virtual reality motor task and compare theta, alpha, beta and gamma power frequencies between left and right hemispheres. This is technical note in which 9 healthy young subjects were submitted to an evaluation with Emotiv EPOC® during the Nintendo® Wii ‘Basic Step’ virtual game using the Wii Balance Board (WBB) on a support 13 centimeters high. The Wilcoxon statistical test was applied and pairing between the cerebral hemispheres was performed. Participants had a mean age of 22.55 ± 2.78 years, 77.8% were right-handed, and 22.8% had no experience with the selected virtual game. According to dominancy (right handed n = 7; and left handed n = 2), it was observed that the right-handed individuals showed significantly greater difference in the right hemisphere in the EEG in front region (gamma power in channels AF4, p = 0.028 and F4, p = 0.043) and parietal region (theta and beta power in P8 channel, p = 0.043), while alpha power showed a greater activity in the left hemisphere (P7 channel, p = 0.043). Considering the inter-hemispheric analysis, it was observed that the right hemisphere presented a higher activation potential in the frontal lobe for gamma waves (p = 0.038 for AF3-AF4 channels), and in the temporal lobe for beta and alpha waves (p = 0.021). This study showed that the virtual environment can provide distinct cortical activation patterns considering an inter-hemispheric analysis, highlighting greater activation potential in the right hemisphere. Access the Full Artice Here
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