Where do you ship to?

EMOTIV ships globally except to Sudan, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Russia and Syria. We cannot deliver to PO Boxes nor APO addresses within the USA.

How do I generate a Quote or Invoice?

Orders can be placed online on our website. If you need a quotation, you can also create an invoice online.

1. You will be required to login. If you don’t have an EMOTIV account yet, please register via this link –
2. Navigate the website and add the items you would like and customize your order.
3. Once you have finalized, continue to checkout and fill in your billing and shipping information. Choose Direct Bank Transfer as payment option and then submit the order.
4. Proceed to My Orders > View the orders and click GET INVOICE.

Please note that payment must be made in full prior to shipping or delivery of the Order, or any part thereof.

Can I cancel my order after it has been placed and paid?

Software purchase

*Monthly Subscribers:  You must confirm your cancellation prior to your next billing date if you do not want to get billed again. If you confirm your cancellation after you’ve already been billed, your subscription will not end until the following month.

*Annual Subscribers, Paid Monthly: If you decide to cancel at any time in the middle of your subscription period, you will continue to be billed on a monthly basis until your one-year contract ends, and it will not renew again.

*Annual/3/5-year Subscribers, Prepaid: If you decide to cancel at any time in the middle of your subscription period, you will continue to receive the rest of your prepaid subscription until it runs out, and it will not renew again.

More details can be found here.

Hardware purchase

Cancellations must be requested within 24 hours of placing the order and can only be processed if your order has not yet been sent to our factory for fulfillment.

How long does it take to process my order?

Payment must be made in full prior to shipping or delivery of the Order, or any part thereof.

For EPOC X, INSIGHT, EPOC Flex Saline and its accessories: All orders are shipped from our factory in the Philippines via UPS. It can take up to 4-5 weeks to process the order and generate the tracking number.

For EPOC Flex Gel and its accessories (non-EU countries): They are shipped directly from our facility in Germany via FedEx. Please note that it would take up to 6-8 weeks* to process and ship the FLEX Gel order.

For EPOC Flex Gel and its accessories (EU countries): They are shipped from our factory in the Philippines via UPS. It can take up to 6-8 weeks* to process the order and generate the tracking number.

When the headset is packaged and shipped, you will receive a notification containing the tracking information via the email address that you used when you made your purchase.

*These are estimated delivery times. Shipping may take longer due to the COVID-19 crisis, and/or during local holidays because manufacturers and couriers will have limited operations. 

How can I track my order?

You will receive an email containing your tracking information once your order has shipped. Click on the link and it will take you to the UPS, FedEx depending on who shipped your package. Please be advised that any packages returned back to our facilities other than the fault of the shipping carriers (Example: Incorrect mailing address, unpaid duties and taxes, unclaimed package, etc.) will be refunded but the shipping charges will be deducted from the total.

If you choose to abandon your shipment and/or fail to pay any duties and/or taxes assessed, you are not entitled for a refund or replacement and any reshipment fees incurred will be at your expense.

Learn more about the Shipping Policy here.

Do I have to pay duties and taxes for my order?

All shipments outside the U.S. may be subject to import charges (Duties, Customs tariffs and VAT) which are set by the destination country. EMOTIV does not collect your duties and taxes during checkout and cannot predict the  particular charges. They are the responsibility of the customer and will be assessed by your customs office at the time of delivery. For more information regarding your country’s customs policies, please contact your local customs office.

What is the refund policy?

Most hardware items you purchase on  can be returned for a refund as long as they are within the return window, except those that are explicitly identified as not returnable on the product detail page such as Flex Cap and Gel Sensors. Please note that for all items being Returned for Refund, shipping and handling fees of the headset is at the expense and responsibility of the purchaser and will not be refunded, EMOTIV will charge a restocking fee of up to 25% of the purchase price paid, plus any applicable sales tax unless your product is Defective or Dead On Arrival (DOA).

Please note that EMOTIV does not permit the return of or offer refunds for licenses or applications, which are sold as digital downloads.

Learn more about the Refund Policy here.

What is the Warranty for EMOTIV Products?

EMOTIV warrants that the Product shall be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use for one hundred eighty (180) calendar days beginning from the date of shipping of your original purchase (“Limited Warranty”).

The Limited Warranty does not apply in the following cases:

  • Damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes.
  • If a Product is defective as a result of leaking batteries or liquid damage.
  • Defective materials or workmanship where the defect is due to a Product having been serviced or modified by a party other than EMOTIV or an EMOTIV authorized service provider.
  • Malfunction resulting from the use of accessories, attachments, product suppliers, parts or devices with the Product that does not conform to EMOTIV’s specifications or is not supplied by EMOTIV.
  • Damage occurred during the shipment.
  • Damage or service resulting from modifications or alterations to a Product in any way (including any alteration or removal of its serial number or identification marks).

Your option to return the Product under the Limited Warranty does not apply to the following Products:

  • Software downloads
  • Licenses
  • EPOC Flex Caps
  • EPOC Flex Gel Sensors

Learn more about the warranty and refund policies here.

I received the product but it’s Dead On Arrival. What do I do?

An EMOTIV product is considered DOA if it shows symptoms of a hardware failure, preventing basic operations when you first use it after opening the box. If you believe that your product is DOA, please Contact Support immediately within 15 days from the date of receipt of the product. EMOTIV Technical Support will determine whether the product is DOA and offer you the following options:

  1. Replacement: EMOTIV, at its expense, will ship another of the same neuroheadset model. EMOTIV will arrange for a replacement and the DOA product’s return.
  2. Refund: We will issue a full refund.

Please review our Return and Refund Policy here.

Headset & Software

Does EMOTIV offer EEG Headsets?

EMOTIV offers three different EEG Headsets. Reviews of EMOTIV’s Brainwear have shown it to be cost-effective. EMOTIV’s solutions have been validated in peer-reviewed scientific, medical and clinical studies and publications for neuroscience, workplace wellness and safety, stress, cognitive performance, neuromarketing, and brain-controlled technology applications.

The award-winning EMOTIV EPOC+ EEG headset provides professional-grade brain data for academic research within biometrics research and commercial use. The EMOTIV Insight headset boasts minimal set-up time and electronics optimized to produce clean signals from anywhere, making it ideal for performance and wellness tracking. The EMOTIV EPOC FLEX SALINE & EPOC FLEX GEL cap offers high-density coverage and up to 32 moveable electroencephalogram sensors optimal for research professionals.

Where do I download software?

EMOTIV Software and Applications are available at EMOTIV Application Store.

After completing a software order, it comes as a digital download that you can download, install, or reinstall. The download will be displayed under Downloads section on your account.

What is included in the headset package?

Within the packaging of EPOC+, you will find the following:

  • Headset
  • Hydrator pack
  • Charging cable
  • Universal USB Receiver
  • Hydrator Fluid

Within the packaging of your INSIGHT, you will find the following:

  • Headset
  • Sensor Pack
  • Charging cable
  • Primer Fluid
  • Universal USB Receiver

Within the packaging of EPOC Flex Saline Kit , you will find the following:

  • EMOTIV Custom Cap
  • Controller Box
  • Saline Sensors (Electrode Tree left + right, Flex Felt and Silicon Skirt)
  • Universal USB Receiver
  • USB charge cable
  • Hydrator Fluid

Within the packaging of EPOC Flex Gel Kit, you will find the following:

  • EMOTIV Custom Cap
  • Controller Box
  • Electrode Gel Sensors
  • Earclips (included with Gel sensors)
  • Universal USB Receiver
  • USB charge cable
How do I set up the headset?
I receive the hardware, how can I get access to Raw EEG data?

If you need access to Raw EEG data, you’ll need to acquire a PRO License to access to our EmotivPRO software. EmotivPRO is an integrated software solution for neuroscience research and education, built for EPOC+, EPOC X, EPOC Flex, and INSIGHT, offering the following features:

  • View a real-time display of EMOTIV headset data streams including raw EEG, performance metrics (0.1Hz), motion data, data packet acquisition, loss, and contact quality.
  • Save recordings to our secure cloud storage and playback or export for analysis.
  • Define and insert timed markers into the data stream, including on-screen buttons and defined serial port events.
  • Markers are stored in the EEG data files and can be viewed in real time and playback modes.
  • Customize and view frequency data for live or recorded data with automatic FFT and power band graphs. Get results without having to export your data.
What type of battery is used in the EMOTIV neuroheadset?

Emotiv EPOC+ use a lithium battery that when fully charged provides up to 12 hours of continuous use.

Emotiv Insight use a Li-poly battery that when fully charged provides up to 4 hours of continuous use.

Is it safe to use EMOTIV products?

EMOTIV products hold CE and other regulatory approvals, which means it has been assessed by independent bodies for safety. We comply with all international product safety standards including radio frequency emissions and electrical safety, as well as other issues such as possibly toxicity or allergic reactions to components. Our products are perfectly safe and harmless to users.

Our products are fully certified for safety and wireless interference standards in Europe, Australia and North America and they are fully CE-marked. These standards are recognized worldwide.

What are the differences between EPOC+, Insight and Flex?

We have created a Compare Headsets page for you that lists technical specifications for all 3 headset models here.

Special Circumstances & Usage

Can the headset be used with disabled individuals?

We repeatedly receive inquiries about the use of the EMOTIV headsets by people with varying degrees of paralysis and many different conditions such as ALS, cerebral palsy, stroke, muscular dystrophy, spinal injury and so on. This forum’s stream is intended to provide some initial answers – please feel free to ask more but hopefully we can cover your initial questions here.

1. Can EMOTIV products be used by people with little or no muscle control? The EMOTIV detections are divided into categories – Mental Commands, Facial Expressions, and Performance Metrics.

Facial Expressions is basically derived from facial muscle activation. As delivered, the software has a “universal” model of facial detections with adjustable sensitivity for each one. Some people with disabilities are able to work these, others not. In the SDK model, we provide an option to retrain the underlying detections, which can actually recover “intended” expressions for many users with partial paralysis – so they can try to smile, and their characteristic facial response is detected if they repeat the movement. I can’t say whether this will help any particular individual – it depends on whether they retain much residual movement. Facial Expressions also detects blinks, winks and horizontal eye movements, which most people retain to an extent.

Performance Metrics tracks the user’s emotional state, in terms of Interest, Excitement, Stress, Engagement/Boredom, Focus, and Relaxation. This can be used to set ambient music type and volume, lighting intensity or as a panic switch. These detections were designed mostly for gameplay and are not medical grade detections, so there will be times when they drift away from the user’s state of mind, but much of the time they work quite well, especially under gaming conditions.

Mental Commands is intended to work from brain signals alone, and we have some locked-in and partially paralyzed users who can still operate the detections with mental signals as their only possible output. The system can also work from included muscle signal although we recommend users try to avoid this for greater accuracy and control. Mental Commands allows the user to train up to 13 specific named actions (plus NEUTRAL) however only four can be active at one time. This means that you can specify up to four of the available actions to be activated, and when the user repeats one of these mental patterns, that action is detected (in other words, the system picks out one action of the available four, or the neutral state if no trained actions are detected).

We also provide a 3-axis gyro which can be used as a pointing device or yes/no detection. For example, if the user has a sufficient control of their head and neck movements.

2. What else can you say about the EMOTIV headsets and paralyzed users?
We have seen some very heartening things already. People who have been severely injured and have basically lost interest in life, upon using the EPOC+/Insight for simple mental gameplay, rapidly develop a passionate interest in playing with the EPOC+/Insight and achieve radical improvements in their mental state and also in some cases, their physical state. Users may inherently exercise neck muscles to control the gyro or to watch the game better, or they can gradually restore some control to facial expressions through repeated use as in-game commands.

EmotivBCI is our flagship software solution for the brain-computer interface, built for Insight and Epoc+. Train Mental Commands to control machines with your thoughts and view your real-time Performance Metrics, Facial Expression and Motion Sensor data streams from your headset. Training Profiles are saved to the cloud and can be accessed by other applications that connect to EMOTIV Cortex, like the EmotivBCI Node-RED Toolbox. This tool’s primary use is for controlling virtual objects with your mind. While you can view your Performance Metrics, you cannot save, view, and compare the data. BCI

Most of all, EMOTIV Products are fun to use and very engaging to learn, and everyone should have some fun in their lives. As time rolls by, there will be more and more applications such as neuro feedback and meditation training, where users can learn new skills.

We’ve seen many applications of this technology to help improve the lives of people with disabilities. It’s an incredible feeling to be able to touch their lives in this small way and to witness the joy that it brings to them.

Can I wear the headset lying down?

Most people with varying degrees of paralysis can certainly operate the EPOC+ in some way. There may be an issue with the headband at the rear if the user requires a head support, however the headset can usually be placed to avoid the support or even placed on backwards if necessary. Mental Commands continue to work in this orientation, while some Facial Expression detections are retained, others can be retrained and some are lost with the headset reversed. Excitement continues to work but the other performance and emotional state detections are less likely to work properly with a reversed headset, although they are not totally lost.

Is the Emotiv EPOC+ able to be used as a full support device, for wheelchair control, home automation or mental typing?

There are many people developing support systems, wheelchair and robotic controllers, home automation systems and so on and there is no reason that paralyzed users should not be able to take advantage of these systems – but make sure they are safe!! The level of control is more than adequate for successful use in a lot of settings, but please be careful. Any critical function controlled by the neuro-headset must have an independent kill operation which the user can reliably invoke to put the system in a safe state.