Achieving Remote Presence using a Humanoid Robot Controlled by a NonInvasive BCI Device

A. Thobbi, R. Kadam, W. Sheng. Laboratory for Advanced Sensing, Computation and Control, Oklahoma State University, USA


This paper presents a platform for „Remote Presence‟ which enables a person to be present at a remote location through the embodiment of a humanoid robot. We
specifically propose the use of a humanoid robot since it will endow human like capabilities for manipulating the remote environment. The numerous sensors available on the humanoid robot such as vision, microphones are essential to give feedback to the human controller about the remote environment. In addition to this, the humanoid has capabilities  such as speech synthesis, obstacle avoidance, and ability to grasp objects which can be used to perform a wide array of tasks. To control the actions of the robot we propose the use of non-invasive Brain Computer Interface. The BCI enables the user to conveniently control the robot in the remote environment. The human user receives audio and video feedback from the robot on a personal media viewer such as video goggles. This would help the user to feel total immersion in the remote environment. This system could immensely benefit a variety of sectors such as military, medicine, disaster management etc. for carrying out dangerous or physically intensive tasks.

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