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Key features

EPOC Flex combines the award-winning wireless technology of our EPOC+ headset with the flexibility and high density afforded by more traditional EEG head cap systems. Our saline sensors leverage our popular, easy-to-use saline soaked felt pads, minimizing setup and maintenance time

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High density

EPOC Flex is a wireless control box that works alongside the EasyCap system. Record from any of the standard 10-20 EEG positions for up to 32 channels.

Maximum flexibility

Choose from different cap sizes to accommodate a wide range of head sizes and support awake or sleep studies with two control box positions.

Professional mobile EEG

EPOC Flex transmits data wirelessly at 128 Hz, so you can record high resolution brain data without being tethered to a computer.

Saline or gel

Flex Saline features EPOC+ felt based sensors that can be hydrated on or off the head. Traditional gel sensors offer the highest signal quality.

EmotivPRO fully supports EPOC Flex!

Electrode configuration map

Create and save your headset sensor configurations under the 10-20 EEG standard


View all 32 channels simultaneously in live mode and playback or select a subset of channels

Data analysis

Run a frequency analysis inside the app or export your data for further analysis.

Get started with our EPOC Flex Kit

Our EPOC Flex Kits give you everything you need to start doing high density wireless EEG. The kit offers you the flexibility to choose your type of sensors (saline or gel) and choose between cap sizes at purchase. You can configure your sensor positions in the lab to suit your needs (initial set up time approximately 15-30 minutes)


Flex Saline Kit

Combine the flexibility and density of a cap based EEG system, with the convenience of our popular EPOC+ saline-based felt sensors. Initial set up 15-20 min.


Flex Gel Kit

Have all the features of a traditional EEG system, including high quality Ag/AgCl sensors, with the exciting addition of wireless portability. Initial set up 20-30 min.


Components also sold separately

Upgrade an existing EEG cap system to wireless with our Control Box and Sensors or stock up on extra Caps below.

flex accessories

EPOC Flex Control Box


flex accessories

EPOC Flex Gel Sensors


flex accessories

EPOC Flex Saline Sensors


flex accessories

EPOC Flex Cap


Compare our headsets

Recording sensors
Sensor technology
Data quality
Sensor locations
Set up time
5 sensors
Semi-dry polymer
1-2 min
14 sensors
Saline soaked felt
3-5 min
EPOC Flex Kit
Up to 32 sensors
Saline OR Gel
15-30 min
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