What’s included

Get access to our software suite with EMOTIV Launcher. Use them for free or check out the different pricing options for additional features.

Access raw EEG Data

View a real-time display of EMOTIV headset data streams including raw EEG, performance metrics, motion data, data packet acquisition, loss, and contact quality.

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Access brain-computer interface technology

Control machines with your mind, view perfomance metrics, facial expressions and motion sensor streams in real-time, through our flagship software EmotivBCI.

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Experience real-time 3D brain visualization

Access groundbreaking 3D brain visualization with BrainViz, perfect for learning and educating (7-day free trial included).

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Create and develop with virtual devices

Make app development that much easier with our specially designed device emulator, allowing you to set up different device states, saving you time.

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Try Virtual Brainwear®

Included with the EMOTIV Launcher package, Virtual Brainwear® can help you simulate a variety of different device states and data streams with just a few clicks.

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