Cortex is our API powerhouse for creating BCI applications and integrating data streams from our headsets with third party software. Built on JSON and WebSockets, Cortex makes it easy to create games and apps, or record data for experiments.

Cortex is a wrapper around our Software Development Kit (SDK) and houses all the tools required to develop with EMOTIV. It provides API access to different EMOTIV data streams, tiered out across three license levels. Join our worldwide community of developers and start creating your own application now.

Licensing options

We offer three licensing plans to suit a wide variety of needs

Mental Commands API
Low resolution Performance Metrics API (0.1Hz)
Frequency Bands API?
Facial Expressions API
Motion data API
Unlimited sessions on 3 devices

APIs for brain computer interface

Our BASIC license gives you non-commercial access to our core suite of data streams for brain computer interface.

Download now and get started creating the next generation of experiences using real time brain data.

APIs for EEG research

You can add raw EEG API access to your Non-Commercial PRO License for no extra charge. Just purchase a Non-Commercial PRO License and then apply here to add raw EEG API access.

Your API access will have the same number of seats and expiry date as your PRO License. The PRO License also gives you access to our EmotivPRO application.

non-commercial pro
$55-99 / month
All BASIC license API’s
EmotivPRO software
Unlimited sessions
Access on up to 3 devices
High resolution Performance Metrics
for sub second precision
Custom API configurations
pay only for the data you need
Access to your ecosystem’s data
develop your own algorithms and insights

APIs for enterprise solutions

Leverage our full suite of APIs, including high-resolution performance metrics under a custom COMMERCIAL license

Create truly personalized experiences and activations, integrate brain data into an existing application or service, or develop and commercialize your own BCI application.

Cortex overview

Here is how our Cortex applet works

Use the force

Using an Emotiv Insight, a Sphero BB-8 Droid and IoT services on Bluemix, Joshua Carr demonstrates how you can use your mind to move BB-8 Droids.

DJ Fresh & mindtunes

DJ Fresh collaborates with three physically disabled musicians to create a musical track with just the power of thoughts.

Attention Powered Car

An Attention Powered Car was created to raise the issue of driver inattention and road safety. The car features an EPOC headset that connects brain activity to the car’s engine via customized software. When the driver’s level of attention drops, the car safely slows down, alerting the driver to their lapse in concentration.

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Partner with us

If you are a company looking for innovative ways to incorporate EEG into your workplace, products or services, we provide flexible and scalable collaboration opportunities.

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