Supporting Enterprises with Brain Data

EMOTIV’s team of specialist PhD neuroscientists, data scientists, and EEG technologists are here to help accelerate your research and product development. The team has worked with research groups, academic institutions, and enterprises around the world to capture contextual brain data that provides objective insights into human behavior, supporting important research, product development, and unique experiences.

Customer Experiences

Workplace Wellness & Design

Consumer Research

Creative Design

Product Innovation

Sport Performance

The benefits of utilizing brain data in your business are huge.  It can inform the development of award-winning product design and market opportunities, help customers make better choices, and help individuals perform better. 

Our Expertise Runs Deep

Not every organization has a team of neuroscientists and data analysts in-house. Diving into the world of EEG technology and brain data on your own can be daunting, not to mention expensive.

When you partner with EMOTIV, our experts can manage the process for you — from experiment design, participant recruitment, data capture, data analysis, and reporting — we tailor our services to meet your goals.

Leading Brands Benefiting From Our Services