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Next-Gen Digital Experiences Read Emotions (Wall Street Journal and Deloitte)

Next-Gen Digital Experiences Read Emotions (Wall Street Journal and Deloitte)

EMOTIV MN8 and President Prof. Olivier Oullier are featured in the ‘Improving Worker Wellness and Performance’ section of an article published by Deloitte CIO Insights and Analysis in the Wall Street Journal. Together with UBS Wealth Management USA and IPsoft, EMOTIV shares how AI capabilities help to create intelligent digital experiences that are tailored to each individual.

Using our latest EEG earbuds, EMOTIV MN8, each individual employee can get immediate feedback to improve their wellness, performance, productivity, and safety based on their brain’s electrical activity. With MN8, companies can build their custom solution using the aggregated brain data to understand behavioral and work patterns and then optimize workflows and procedures.

“It’s the workplace that needs to adapt to the worker, not the other way around. Real-time processing of brain data can shed light on the types of situations that allow employees to flourish so that workplaces can adapt” says Olivier.
Earlier this year, together with UBS, IPsoft, and Anthem, EMOTIV was selected by Deloitte Insights to illustrate how effective computing changes the rules of engagement, as part of Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2020 report.

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