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Cognitive Performance of Business Leaders

Cognitive Performance of Business Leaders

Cognitive Performance of Global Leaders – Learnings from Davos 2019

James Hewitt / Olivier Oullier

Chief Innovation Officer of Hintsa / President of EMOTIV The topic of brain health and performance is moving ever higher on the agenda of businesses and governments. The events and conversations in Davos 2019 were no exception, but this year we wanted to provide the opportunity for participants to experience what this could mean for them, personally. For most of the year Davos is a popular destination for sports enthusiasts and holidaymakers, but each January the town is flooded with global leaders and thinkers aiming to network and discuss the state of the world. The days are packed with meetings, presentations, panels and (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise) parties. However, the one thing missing from most people’s schedules is sleep. During Davos 2019, we conducted an experiment – in partnership with Hintsa, the global leader in high-performance coaching, and the International Federation of Automobile (FIA), the governing body for world motor sport and the federation of the world’s leading motoring organisations – to illustrate the impact of inadequate sleep on cognitive performance and driving… Read More Here
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