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The most accurate, cost-effective whole brain measuring technology on the market

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Monitor cognitive load and discover emotional responses that are preventing you from achieving peak mental performance

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Build a better relationship with your brain and develop better, more relevant practices for calming the storm.

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EMOTIV Mental Commands and SDKs makes our technology an highly effective Brain-Computer-Interface and can put EMOTIV at the center of the Internet of Things and the ability to control the world around you.

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EMOTIV is the pioneer of simple to use, high quality, mobile EEG technologies. Recognized and validated by the scientific community and developers worldwide, our brain wearables offer access to advanced brain monitoring and cognitive assessment technologies at affordable price points.



A hi-resolution 14 channel mobile EEG used for contextualized scientific research grade results.

EMOTIV Insight


A prosumer 5 channel mobile EEG used by engaged individuals seeking better understanding of their brains and mental states.


Conduct research using a variety of applications including: Pure.EEG, 3D Brain Map, Performance & Emotional Metrics.


Access a suite of developer tools to create applications with the EMOTIV SDK for multiple platforms and a variety of use cases.


Use wearable technology to record brainwave data, monitor cognitive health, and receive personalized reports for performance enhancement.

Use EMOTIV for EEG research, usability testing,  cognitive performance, and BCI development.  Our technology has been successfully deployed across a wide array of industries including: neuroscience, education, mobility, automotive, aerospace, gaming, marketing, media, entertainment, first responders, cognitive training, VR and AR. With over 70,000 developers in over 120 countries conducting research and development projects worldwide, the applications continue to grow.

Award Winning Technology recognized by the world’s most influential organizations.

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