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EOL Support : TestBench, Pure.EEG, SDK 3.1 and earlier

EOL Support : TestBench, Pure.EEG, SDK 3.1 and earlier

***Disclaimer - EMOTIV products are intended to be used for research applications and personal use only. Our products are not sold as Medical Devices as defined in EU directive 93/42/EEC. Our products are not designed or intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment of disease.

At EMOTIV, we strive to build better, more robust, and fully featured software with intuitive UX/UI design to service our community. We are grateful for an active and engaged Community that provides valuable feedback to help us improve our products. As we introduce new products and phase out old products, it’s important for us to provide you, and our partners, with visibility on what to expect during the end of life (EOL) process.

Effective December 31, 2019, EMOTIV will be phasing out support for the following EOL products: TestBench, Pure.EEG, SDK version 3.1 and earlier*.

If you are a TestBench or Pure.EEG user, we encourage you to explore our EmotivPRO solution for data acquisition and event marking. Upgrading to PRO offers safe and secure cloud storage to facilitate sharing data across your machines, options to configure sample and resolution rates (EPOC+ only), and easy to navigate UX/UI.

If you have earlier SDK versions*, we would suggest moving to the Cortex SDK. Cortex is our new API powerhouse. Built on JSON and WebSockets, Cortex integrates our headset’s data streams with third-party software – enabling you to record data, create BCI applications or build custom games and apps.

EMOTIV is committed to providing the highest level of customer care to you. We will continue to do our best to provide assistance up until December 31, 2019. No further support will be provided once the end of service timeline is reached. Should you have any questions about EOL support, or for assistance in understanding the options available to you, please reach out to our support here.

We appreciate you as a customer and look forward to continuing to serve your needs in the future.

*SDK versions include Developer Edition SDK, Research Edition SDK, Education Edition SDK, Non-Profit/Education License, Individual Xavier SDK, Company Xavier SDK, and Kickstarter SDK.

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