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EMOTIV EPOC Flex Saline Testimonial from Macquarie University

EMOTIV EPOC Flex Saline Testimonial from Macquarie University

At EMOTIV, we strive to support and collaborate with our Academic partners to advance research and our understanding of the human brain. Partners since 2016, EMOTIV and Macquarie University have released joint publications and secured research grants over the years. Dr Williams, Macquarie University, shares his testimonial of the EMOTIV EPOC Flex Saline. “I’ve been using EMOTIV EPOC Flex Saline in our research laboratory and have found it very user-friendly. The felt pads make set-up a breeze and I am pleased at how fast and easy it has been to get the sensor connections stable. I typically put the cap onto participants dry and then use a small syringe to wet the felt pads through the convenient port on the outside of the sensors. The whole process takes a few minutes at most, far less time than our traditional research system, which means an easier session for me and a more comfortable experience for the participant. Saline is also much more comfortable for the user and does not require special clean-up for the user or for the experimenter. Preliminary pilot results from an upcoming validation experiment, comparing EMOTIV EPOC Flex to our research-grade clinical EEG system look promising. Given the relatively low cost of Flex, I could easily see myself using it in a variety of scenarios and expect that it will become a core component of the research tools in our lab.”

Dr Nikolas Williams Cognitive Neuroscience Researcher Macquarie University, Australia

Explore Macquarie University’s research: Measurement of Autistic Children’s Brain Responses with Emotiv EEG Validation of the Emotiv EPOC EEG system for research quality auditory event-related potentials in children
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