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Myonic Technologies Inc.

Myonic Technologies Inc.

This month we’d like to spotlight the incredible story of a biomedical startup that came about from a high school science fair project. Nick Titus and 3 other colleagues from an engineering-focused high school created a wearable prototype in a design tech course that uses electrical impulses to create controlled muscle movement.

Out of this project, the team gained a spot at the Boomtown Accelerator in Colorado to further develop this innovation and bring about its commercialization.

By further leveraging the EMOTIV EPOC+ and SDK, the Myonic Move beta product has had a transformative effect on patients with spinal cord injury or who have suffered from strokes, offering them a chance to regain some independence at an affordable price point. They plan to expand their stimulation device to other aspects of the human body, providing their users with even more abilities and restoring their quality of life.

Myonic has recently been named a top hardware company at the TechCrunch Disrupt in NYC 2017, and a top 50 showcase company at the MedTech Innovator Conference 2017. In the video below, Nick Titus discusses his journey and how he and his co-founders leveraged naive curiosity to solve complex problems.

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