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How Naive Curiosity Solves Unsolvable Problems

How Naive Curiosity Solves Unsolvable Problems

by Nick Titus | TEDxCU

Nick Titus is a high school student who has worked with his co-founders to turn a science fair project into a solution for paralysis. Their company, Myonic Technologies, has created a wearable device that allows users with paralysis to control their muscles with the power of their mind. He discusses how he has utilized a mindset of Naive Curiosity to make up for a lack of experiences and resources to solve an unsolvable problem.

Nick Titus is the CEO and Co-Founder of Myonic Technologies (, a Boulder-based biomedical startup and alumni of the Boomtown Accelerator. Since the spring of 2016 Nick and his team, who are all seniors in high school, have developed a wearable device to enable those living with paralysis to move. Recently, Nick has participated in the 2017 Thiel Summit, MedTech Innovator Pitch, and various other events. He doesn’t have formal training in the medical field or extensive business experience. However, the team has utilized the extensive resources of the age we live in to make strives and see success in uncharted territory.

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