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Advance Your Brain Research With Our Leading EEG Headset

Advance Your Brain Research With Our Leading EEG Headset

EPOC X, is EMOTIV's flagship 14-channel wireless EEG headset. For 15 years, the EPOC EEG headset series has stood as a pillar of innovation. EPOC X continues to combine EPOC's award-winning versatility with high-quality EEG signals, helping researchers study the brain's complexities in any environment.

In this guide we'll explain how this portable EEG headset facilitates endless brain research opportunities. And we'll learn why researchers find EPOC X the best eeg headset for contextual human brain and behavior research.

Embrace Wireless EEG Research

Leveraging Wireless Capabilities: EPOC X's wireless EEG headset versatility enables researchers to embark on studies that were previously unthinkable. From longitudinal studies in natural settings to the measuring brain activity during specific tasks, the possibilities are endless.

Innovative Application Ideas: Consider combining EPOC X with other technologies like virtual reality to investigate EEG measurements in response to simulated environments. You can use it to study participants' brain activity while they move around a store, or during daily tasks such as commuting. When you pair EPOC X with EmotivPRO Mobile, there are no limits to where you collect EEG measurements.

Capture EEG Signals Anywhere

Maintaining Signal Integrity: Despite its wireless nature, EPOC X does not compromise EEG signal quality. With its research-grade EEG electrodes, enhanced antenna, and common-mode noise cancellation, EPOC X captures similar or better EEG signals than laboratory-based EEG equipment. 

Optimization Techniques: To maximize EEG data quality, ensure the headset and EEG sensors are hydrated, clean, and well-maintained. Optimal maintenance ensures the flexibility of your brain research does not come at the expense of EEG signal quality. 

Real-Time EEG Data Transmission

Efficient EEG Signals: EPOC X's hardware includes Bluetooth® 5, an advanced antenna, and a 9-axis motion sensor. These ensure efficient EEG signal transmission, better signal-to-noise ratio, and 128 and 256 Hz sampling rates.

Practical Tips: Take advantage of EPOC X's real-time EEG data transmission in your experiment design or Brain Computer Interface (BCI) applications. EPOC X's real-time EEG signal transmission ensures you collect precise contextual brain data. The signal quality also enables diverse applications, from controlling robotic limbs and wheelchairs to identifying emotional states. 

Supporting Reproducible Brain Research

Setting the Standard: The placement of EEG electrodes is paramount for ensuring the accuracy of the EEG signal quality. EPOC X sets the standard in wireless EEG devices by adhering to the 10-20 system for its electrode placement.

Commitment to Precision: EMOTIV is committed to supporting reproducible human brain research. By adhering to the 10-20 system, each EPOC X EEG sensor is optimally located for capturing precise EEG signals. EPOC X lets you delve deeper into the intricacies of the brain and feel confident about the reproducibility of their research results. 

EPOC X EEG sensor locations using the 10-20 system

Democratizing Brain Research 

Making EEG Research Inclusive: EPOC X cost and ease-of-use have made it an accessible tool for researchers and citizen scientists to collect accurate EEG measurements. This accessibility ensures that the future of neuroscience is not confined to laboratories but is open to anyone curious about the brain.

Strategies for Inclusion: Share your research with the scientific community and beyond to inspire and empower others to undertake their own studies. EPOC X's user-friendly design makes it an ideal tool for educators, students, and citizen scientists alike.

EPOC X EEG headset features

Make the Leap with EMOTIV EPOC X

EPOC X is more than just an portable EEG headset; it's a portal to a new era of brain research that promises flexibility, accessibility, and endless possibilities. By embracing EPOC X's wireless versatility, researchers can break free from traditional limitations in brain research, venturing into uncharted territories in understanding the human mind and experience.

This leap into wireless EEG technology not only enriches the field of neuroscience but brings us closer to understanding the mysteries of the brain in the context of our complex, everyday lives.

If you're ready to take a leap with your brain research, visit the EPOC X store page.

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