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How to Expand Your EEG Data Collection With PRO Mobile

How to Expand Your EEG Data Collection With PRO Mobile

Thanks to PRO’s mobile EEG application — PRO Mobile — key features of your PRO license are now on your smartphone, revolutionizing how you capture contextual brain activity. Say farewell to the constraints of using your computer with a seamless and efficient approach to capturing EEG data. Read on to learn more about setting up PRO Mobile and its features.


1. Check Your PRO License and Download the App

PRO Mobile is available with all PRO licenses. Lite users can view raw EEG data and Performance Metrics data. We recommend upgrading your subscription to PRO Standard or above to access all PRO Mobile features — including data recording.

You can download PRO Mobile from the App Store or Google Play.
Once you’ve downloaded PRO Mobile, log in to the app using your EMOTIV ID and password — the same ID you use to access the rest of the EMOTIV platform.


2. Log in to PRO Mobile

Once you’ve downloaded PRO Mobile, log in to the app using your EMOTIV ID and password — the same ID you use to access the rest of the EMOTIV platform.


3. Welcome to the Recording Dashboard 

When you first enter PRO Mobile, you’ll see the Recording Dashboard. Before you start an EEG data recording, you’ll need to connect your headset to the app.












4. Connect Your EMOTIV EEG Headset 

PRO Mobile is compatible with most EMOTIV EEG headsets*. Before you start, ensure your headset is fully charged and Bluetooth is activated on your device. PRO Mobile connects seamlessly with your headset, guaranteeing smooth data collection.

Connecting your headset is easy.

  1. Switch your headset on.
  2. Press Available Devices on the recording dashboard.
  3. After a second or two, your headset will appear on the Available Devices list.
  4. Select your headset and press Connect.






5. Contact and EEG Quality

Now your headset is connected, go to Contact Quality and check your headset’s sensor contact quality. PRO Mobile provides real-time feedback on the contact quality at each headset sensor. To achieve the best results from your data collection, all the sensors on the headmap must be green.

Also, tap on EEG data quality and make sure it’s also green. EEG quality must be green to obtain the best quality data for your research.

If you’re struggling to obtain good contact quality, tips are available in Options. You can also find tips on our website or your headset’s user manual.






6. See Brain Data in Real Time

Raw EEG – Once your headset is ready, press Raw EEG on the app and view a real-time data stream from your headset.















Performance Metrics – PRO Mobile provides real-time Performance Metrics from your headset, giving you a window into your participant’s brain activity without analysis.















7. Start Your Data Collection

If you subscribe to PRO Standard or above, your data is automatically saved to EMOTIV Cloud. Once you’re ready to start, all you need to do is tap Record, give your recording a name, and add a subject, tags, or notes to help you identify your recording later. Then, tap Start Recording. Your data recordings are saved immediately to EMOTIV Cloud for you to view and analyze later on your computer.




8. Add Event Markers to Your Data

Event markers — such as phases, eyes open, eyes closed, and events — are at your fingertips. If you need to mark something of interest or stimuli to your data, all you need to do is tap the event on the recordings dashboard. All event markers are then displayed in your data recording for review during analysis.




9. View Your Recordings

You can keep track of your data recordings easily using the recording lists. So after a day of data collection, you can see how many recordings you have and details, such as notes and event markers, so you can be sure you have all the information you need to help with your analysis. Once you’ve completed your data collection with PRO Mobile, your recordings are available to view and analyze immediately on PRO Desktop.

Harnessing the features of PRO Mobile expands your research capabilities and your ability to capture more contextual EEG data. Whether you’re collecting research data in a lab, a field, or anywhere in between, with PRO Mobile, you’ll never miss a data collection opportunity.

For more on PRO and PRO Mobile, check out our website and the PRO User Manual.



*FLEX 2 does not connect to PRO Mobile.

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