FLEX Control Box 2.0

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Upgrade your existing EEG head cap system with FLEX 2.0—EMOTIV’s wireless 32-channel EEG controller. Experience unrivaled EEG data granularity and research flexibility with EMOTIV’s most precise wireless EEG device yet.

FLEX features the latest Bluetooth(R) 5.2 chip and advanced antenna, transmitting EEG data with greater precision.

  • FLEX connects seamlessly with PRO

32 channels, plus 2 references
For whole brain sensing.

256 sps per channel
Higher temporal resolution and enhanced fidelity.

Up to 64Hz motion sensor data
Transmits full-resolution motion data

16-bit channel data
Uncompressed, granular EEG data.

No slew rate limits
Time-locked EEG, ECG, EMG & EOG signals

Advanced antenna
Provides a stable connection & extended research capabilities

Power LED
Easily identify FLEX’s battery life.

USB-C charging port & power cable
For faster charging.

9-Axis Motion Sensor
Accurately detects head movements

Common-Mode Noise Rejection
Captures high-quality, reproducible EEG data

Protective case included