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Louwerse and Hutchison used the EMOTIV headsets to observe spatial and temporal patterns of brain activity during language processing. They discovered that processing concepts involves activation in both linguistic and perceptual regions. Figure adapted from Louwerse and Hutchinson, 2012.

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Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia is using EMOTIV technology to introduce students to research methods in an exciting way, letting them get hands on with the latest in neurotechnology. Image copyright Marcus Ockenden.

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Using the EPOC+, Aspinall et al. set participants on a walk through Edinburgh to record their emotional experience of different urban environments. Urban green spaces were found to be mood-enhancing, linked to low frustration and high meditation. Figure adapted from Aspinall et al, 2013.

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Steinhubl et al. used EMOTIV’s Performance Metrics to investigate neurological and cardiovascular responses during meditation.They showed that meditation, whether done by a novice or expert, resulted in a fall of blood pressure. Figure adapted from Steinhubl et al, 2015.

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