Theta rhythm (emotion) and the alpha rhythm (attention) E.E.G.

Dr. Jordi Mas i Manjon



theta rhythm, in a non-pathological and in normal adults, this rate has been linked to certain psychological activities, known as the rhythm of emotion.
The theta and beta rolandic, amending consciously, in training exercises of relaxation and excitement, relaxation is observed during the initial occipital rhythm of 8 c / s and beta Rolandic 18 c / sec during the progress of relaxation is an increase of the alpha rhythm at 9 c / sec and the rolandic rhythm about 25 c / sec.
The function of attention, in preparation for action (psychomotor) and the preparation of apprehension (thinking), this function of action or function to apprehend, the alpha rhythm is blocked. However, in terms of the attention, does not cause blocking, but the function of attention, synchronize and extend the alpha rhythm


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